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Meet Our New Staff Team Members!

Bill Heydorn Pastor of Community Development
Bill Heydorn&fam
After hundreds of resumes, umpteen interviews, scores of reference checks, and countless hours by a search committee, I’m pleased to inform you that on February 15th, Bill Heydorn will be joining our church pastoral team as Pastor of Community Development.
What’s a Pastor of Community Development?
This is a grass-roots position needed in the church for two reasons: 1) our growth and witness are connected to the fact that we are a Christian community 2) connecting in Christian community can be difficult. The making, maturing and mobilizing of God’s people happens in community.Bill’s focus will be to help people go from guest to connected and serving members. Much of his time will be focused on developing, training, and nurturing Life Groups. If we are going to realize the mission God has given us it will be through our smaller communities. On Sunday mornings, his focus will be on hospitality and creating an environment where people can find their way into community. Though not the official leader of them, Bill will oversee Men’s, Women’s and Counseling ministries, and he will be a go-to guy in the pulpit when I’m not available.

Why Bill?
Bill has a track record of successful ministry, particularly in the areas in which we are calling him to minister. His knowledge and ability to communicate, relate, and motivate exceeded all other applicants. And he and his family are excited about planting and growing with our church family. This is important, because we are convinced that faithfulness and longevity are essential to a strong ministry, and hence a strong church.I believe Bill and I will work well together and that he will bring an aspect to the church that I do not have, but that we need. God is up to something in our church, and I am so glad I get to be a part of it.

Please be praying for Bill, his wife Michelle, and their three children, Mackenzie, Cooper & Madison as they move out here, and let’s be ready to welcome them with open arms!

Nathan Davis Pastor of Youth Ministry Development
NateDavis & Family
I’d like to introduce you to Nathan Davis. Some of you may already be familiar with Nate as he grew up at The Bridge (though at the time it was called EV Free). He was a student under Chuckk Gerwig’s and Matt Larson’s care. After finishing high school he moved on to college, the Joshua Project at Hume Lake, and different ministry opportunities and seminary. So in many ways this will be a welcoming home after a 10-year separation. But Nate will not be coming home alone. The Lord has blessed him with a beautiful wife (Jillian), and three adorable daughters – Rhyen (4), Nolyn (2), and Ashtyn (1).

Like Bill Heydorn, Nate stood head and shoulders above the hundreds of other applicants our search team corresponded with. The obviousness of his love for and growing relationship with Jesus, his track record for skillful and passionate ministry to students, the clarity and purpose with which he has operated, his commitment to growth and excellence, and his clear desire to serve in the same church family for a long time have all served to bring unanimous agreement among the search team, elders, staff, and a handful of parents and youth leaders that he is the right fit for our church.

Nate will be the shepherd who pastorally builds into the jr. high, high school, and college students of our church and their families. As the Pastor of Youth Ministry Development a major focus will be on building into people and developing systems and leaders so students and young adults are cared for and able to establish their own identity in our larger church body.

Nate will be starting the first part of March, which is wonderful for us since it gives him time to establish some relationships and get his bearings on the landscape of our youth ministries before the busy-ness of summer. Between now and then the Davis family will be closing up ministry out in Pueblo, Colorado, packing up a house, looking for a house to move to, making their way to Thousand Oaks, and trying to settle their family into a new location. That is a lot for a single month.

Please be in faithful prayer for them!

Specifically, ask God to provide them with a house in Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park. Both of us agree it is best for pastors to live in the community in which they serve. If you are aware of a 3-4 bedroom house for rent that is under $2800/mo. please let us know. We believe and are looking for how God will provide for them! Also pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual support during this time of transition and for strength as they say their goodbyes to students, families, and friends in Colorado.

As with Bill, I am thrilled about Nate’s coming on board. I believe he is a good fit for our church and the right guy to care for our youth and young adults. I look forward to formally introducing him to you all in March.

Pastor Tim