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Bridge Parking

Unless you live in a big city, or it’s the opening day for the new Star Wars film, you don’t think a whole lot about parking. It’s one of those things we in Thousand Oaks take for granted. We assume there will always be an available spot.

Our church has had the luxury of being able to have this mindset – when you gather together on Sundays, you assume there will be plenty of available parking spots. This has been largely because the businesses that have leased out the building above us have operated Monday thru Friday.

A new company (Sports Academy) has leased the neighboring building. The nature of their business is such that they are open all day, every day of the week. This means their parking lot will constantly be in use. They’ve assured us that normally this won’t be a problem. They have no problem with us using their parking lot on Sunday mornings even during business hours. HOWEVER, there will be certain times when they will require all the spaces to be available.

Beginning in April, they will begin hosting sport-related tournaments over the weekends which includes Sundays. During those weekends they’ve kindly asked that we not use their parking lot. And because we want to be the kind of neighbors they are glad they have, we are more than eager to acquiesce.

We are communicating with Sports Academy to get a calendar of their tournaments, and we are working on alternate parking ideas. So far we think we’ve figured out a way to open up 15+ additional parking spots in our existing parking lot, which, if we are serious about making and maturing more Jesus-followers, is not enough to handle our need. Because of this we are exploring the possibility of shuttles from Amgen across the street and parking in the parking lot off Teller Rd.

So how can you help?

  • For starters, PRAY! Pray that we are able to locate more parking spots. Pray that God will use this “inconvenience” to fashion an even greater servants heart in our Bridge family.
  • Second, if the opportunity to use the Amgen parking lot across Rancho Conejo Blvd. presents itself would you let us know if you have a larger vehicle and would be willing to shuttle people across before and after services?
  • Finally, the difficulty with this arrangement is that there is no predictive schedule (i.e., “the first weekend of the month” or “every other weekend”), it’s whenever they have a scheduled tournament. So if you do use the upper parking lot, please be thinking ahead about alternate places to park.

As soon as we know the weekends of the tournaments we will let you know so you can adjust accordingly. Thank you for keeping this in mind and for being responsive when we let you know of those tournament days.