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Indonesia Update


One Story.

Last September I trained a few Christians in a small, Muslim-majority, town.  This training was set up by “Henry” (not his real name), one of our Indonesian e3 team members.  Through the training, Henry got acquainted with “S.”  S is a muslim background man – a former gangster – who had previously come to faith.  He had tried going to church, and bringing some of his friends with him; but he, and especially his friends, were not welcome. (In many villages, ethnic “Christians” are free to attend church, but they run into difficulties if ethnic “Muslims” start to attend). So, S. was excited to learn he could start a small group in his own house where his friends could learn to follow Jesus.

He started a Bible study group. But, it was not easy.  First, his landlord threatened to evict him from his house.  We prayed.  God solved that, allowing S. to enter into a longer term lease. Next, S. prayed for one of the local Muslim women who had been oppressed by an evil spirit.  S. didn’t know what to do, so he went to the woman’s house and prayed, addressing the evil spirit “I really think it would be better if you left … in Jesus’ name.” The spirit stopped bothering the woman.

The other villagers became angry, apparently because she sought help from a Christian, rather than the local folk-Islam shaman. They forced her and her family to leave the village. The family moved to a village about half an hour away. This family has not yet made a commitment to Jesus, but they are open to learn more.  S. is continuing to meet with them.  

Please pray with us that this family will put their faith in Jesus and follow Him whole-heartedly. Pray that this will become a new, second generation, group bringing the gospel to this new village. Pray that God would use this family to reach their village, and start more groups – including groups in other villages.  Pray that this would happen over and over again, until the gospel is lived and declared in every village in Indonesia.

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