999 Rancho Conejo Blvd, Newbury Park CA 91320 Sunday 9:00 and 10:45am

Worship @ The Bridge


Hi, Bridge Family!!

As many of you experienced this past weekend, we have installed our new audio system in the auditorium, and are off and running!

The goals in this endeavor are three-fold:

1) Replace old, outdated and broken sound equipment.

2) Update system to accommodate current musical sounds and systems.

3) Create an excellent, distraction-free environment for people to encounter Jesus.

This past weekend, some of you were at the 9am service, which had it’s share of bumps and bruises…and, some of you were at the 11am service, which still had many flaws, but managed to iron out some of the 9am’s glitches (including things that were way too loud!!).

Our goal is to arrive at a place of quality sound, no distractions and consistent excellence…this past weekend was the very first step in achieving this.

So, I ask for your continued patience, grace and understanding as we embark on this adventure of creating a place to invite our friends, family and people who are hurting, far from God and looking for a place to find hope and salvation…as well as a place to come together, as God’s redeemed people, and learn and worship together.

Also, I am fully aware that “opinions” are many. We all have them (favorite type of music, favorite songs, loudness or quietness of sound, etc.).

In addition, we all have expectations of what church should look like and sound like. Please know that, while it’s impossible to please everyone, we will do our very best to keep your overall experience at the forefront of our efforts, and create an immersive environment that is both worshipful and authentic.

These are not easy challenges, but worthwhile ones, to be sure!

There will be a sizeable learning curve, complete with bumps, tweaks, adjustments and problems to overcome.

I ask that you please continue to trust us in this process.

Also, I do want to be sensitive to anyone who may have auditory sensitivity, so there will be complimentary ear plugs available every weekend by the auditorium entrance.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and humility, as we move forward on this journey of deeper worship and connection to God…together!

Randy Pearce
Worship Pastor, The Bridge Church