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Bridge Membership

Committing to be a part of a local church body is part of God's design for the Christian life. We are meant to be a family — one body loving and serving one another and working together to connect others with Jesus.

If you are interested in knowing more about The Bridge and/or would like to make this your home church, please begin by filling out some information.

Membership Class


Help us get to know you. You are not committing to anything at this point – please fill out the Info Form if you haven't already.


At your convenience, your next step is to view several videos led by pastors and staff at The Bridge. These are designed for you to learn more about our history, our mission, values, and beliefs. Once you have finished the videos, join us for lunch and a time for Q&A at the next Membership Lunch.

3) MEMBERSHIP LUNCH  Sunday MAY , 11:30A

You are invited to our Membership Lunch for more in-depth discussion from Pastor Mark of our Statement of Faith, a time of Q&A and getting to know each other better. 


You will then schedule a time to meet with one of the Elders at The Bridge for an informal time of connection and to share your story of how you came to know Christ. It's a great way to get to know an Elder.

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