Want to Host a Meet-Up?

It's real easy to start one. Follow the steps below.

1. Make a plan

The most successful Meet-ups will be ideas that you’re excited about. They are clear, comfortable, and most of all, fun. After you’ve submitted your meet-up plans, you’ll work with the Meet-ups Coordinator to confirm the details for your launch day. Use the Meet-up Launch Kit to help guide you through the rest of the process.

2. Invite People

Now you’ll invite your Bridge friends to jump in with you. If you’re part of a Life Group, consider inviting them to host the meet-up with you and to invite their friends along. Your meet-up will also be publicly communicated on the Meet-ups webpage and mentioned in a Sunday announcement the month of your launch.

3. Pre-launch

You’ll remind your RSVPs of the event details a couple days before the meet-up, as well as collect any necessary waivers and remind them what to bring.

4. Follow-up

You can use the email follow-up template included in your Launch Kit to thank people for attending, collect any photos and video, and hear back about their experience. This is a great point to invite new friends you’ve made to visit your Life Group or any Sunday morning Bridge service.

Have more questions?  Email MeetUps@bridgechurch.us
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