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As we make our way through the sixth month of pandemic lockdown, we need to make sure we are connecting with friends. “Distant but not alone” is a good phrase for many of us to live by. It is important for us to find ways that are safe for us to connect with friends. This is a difficult road, it is unhealthy for us to walk it alone.


Scripture speaks much about friendship, and we will explore a few themes as part of the PS118 series. We see a model of friendship in David and Jonathan, gain wisdom for friendship through the book of Proverbs, and ultimately look to Jesus, who calls us “friends.”


Each week, there will be a useful application to encourage us to reach out to friends and deepen friendships. And if you are not already meeting with a friend or two each week, this is a great time to start! So let’s connect — call, text, go for walks, take lawn chairs to a park, or share a meal at a local restaurant. We will all be encouraged, and none of us will be alone.


Make an intentional connection with a friend (text, call, get together in person…)


Connection with a friend while supporting a local business.


Reach out to a friend or family member that you have not connected with in awhile.


The Company We Keep, Jonathan Holmes

Why We Need the Church to Become More Like Jesus, Joseph Hellerman

The Four Loves, CS Lewis


Meet with a friend or two. Together, you can share how you are doing, describe your experience with the weekly application, and pray for each other.

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