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1. Choose your fast – food, social media, sodas, television…

2. Dedicate time for prayer and quiet time with God

3. Participate in a church prayer gathering.

Prayer Gatherings

M-F 12noon The Bridge Lobby 
Fri Sept 9, 7PM  Worship & Prayer


Prayer Focus

Monday: Worship  JN 17:1-4 Glorify the Son and the Father
• Praise for who he is and all he has done
• Pray that we would have a view of God that is worthy of God
• Pray for those who lead us in worship and teach the Word

Tuesday: Gospel  JN 17:3  This is eternal life…
• Pray that the ministries of The Bridge would engage people with the gospel, especially outreach ministries such as Buddy Break and ManaFest
• Praise the Lord for those who put their faith in Jesus this summer
• Pray for open doors for each of us to share the gospel with those around us
• Pray for the missionaries we partner with around the world
• Pray that we would be effective in our mission to connect people to Jesus


Wednesday: Protection  JN 17:14-15 Keep them from the evil one
• Pray for those in a crisis of faith, especially college students and young adults
• Pray for all in leadership to be protected from spiritual attack
• Pray for new believers to be grounded in God’s Word

Thursday:  Spiritual Growth  JN 17:17-19 Sanctify them in truth, your word is truth
• Pray for Life Groups and Friendship Class as they begin this fall
• Pray for the midweek BK Connect in children’s ministry
• Pray for the new discipleship model in student ministries
• Pray that we would continue learning to follow Jesus together

Friday:   Unity    JN 17:20-23 That they may be one
• Pray we would strive to maintain unity in the church
• Pray for the upcoming all-church focus on United Diversity
• Pray for increased unity between people in the English and Spanish services

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