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Spiced Skewers

Sunday May 22

after service on the patio


Tacos catered by Ruben. Appetizers and dessert catered by You.

If you would like to represent a country, bring an appetizer or dessert! Partner with friends!

Choose a country, prepare enough for approx 50 sample sized portions and man your table at the Food Faire.

We'll provide: EZ-up awning, table (share a 6ft table), paper plates or bowls, utensils and sign if needed.

You bring: food item, serving dish, serving utensils, decorations (optional), and yourself to serve your dish.

Meal Tickets
Adults $10 (includes 3 tacos, 3 international appetizers or desserts, drink)
Children $5 
(includes 1 taco, 2 international appetizers or desserts, drink)

After expenses, proceeds will benefit our Bridge students serving the high school inner city One Seventeen Project and the middle school summer camp.  

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