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Asian Food
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Sunday April 21

after service on the patio

Our annual International Food Faire is an event we all enjoy at The Bridge. Not only is it a reminder of one of our core values "United Diversity", but reminds us that God's love and His Gospel is for ALL nations.

Food is provided by our Bridge Family — Last year over 12 countries were represented!

To participate, sign up to host a booth by bringing a food item from your country of choice. You will be serving your item at the Faire. We recommend that you grab a buddy to join you so that you can take a break and sample the food from other countries. If possible, the dish should serve approx 30-50 people. More info.

We have a limited number of tickets. 

Ticket sales begin Apr 7.

Adults: $10 includes 5 international food samples, dessert and a drink

Kids 12 and younger: $5 includes 3 international food samples, dessert and a drink

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